Variable message signs

IB Foor has been installing variable message signs (VMS) for nearly 10 years. We use two types of such traffic signs: prismatic and LED signs.

Prismatic signs consist of three-faced prism panels which can be rotated to give the traffic sign three different images. The limit of three images is also the biggest limitation of prismatic signs. On the other hand, their advantage is their lower price. IB Foor has installed prismatic traffic signs mainly at border crossing stations.


LED traffic signs come in several different types, starting with signs having a limited number of symbols where the amount of LEDs is exactly how many different images are needed for the sign, up to full-matrix RGB displays where multicoloured images of mostly anything can be displayed. IB Foor has installed LED traffic signs to city streets and highways entering the country.


An important aspect of installing dynamic traffic signs is developing a suitable interface (software) enabling user-friendly monitoring and control of the signs.