About the company

IB Foor OÜ was founded in 1992 for the purpose of providing traffic organisers with innovative and high-quality technical solutions in the field of traffic. Throughout the years, our principal activity has been construction and maintenance of traffic light systems. Nevertheless, year by year our product range has been extended to include other traffic management systems like dynamic traffic signs, border station traffic information systems, parking systems, etc. Read more about those in our website’s section of products and services.

Today, IB Foor’s field of activity can be called “Construction and maintenance of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and traffic lights”. We are active mainly in Estonian market and to a lesser extent also in Latvia and Lithuania. IB Foor’s vision is to be the leading provider of traffic light systems and intelligent transportation systems in Baltic Republics.

Our suppliers are well-known quality manufacturers like Swarco, Imtech (Peek), Flir (Traficon), Adec, Xtralis, etc.

Our major customers and contract partners are local governments, road administrations and major road construction enterprises.